An expert in communications strategy, Nigel uses over 30 years of experience gained at the BBC to advise governments, local authorities and businesses on media and crisis communications. 

He has covered some of the UK’s biggest disasters, trained and developed over 3,000 journalists and interviewed high profile individuals such as Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. 

As Head of Journalism Development, Nigel helped coordinate coverage of some of the biggest domestic stories, including the Hillsborough stadium tragedy, the Grand Hotel bombing and the London bombings of 2005.

Nigel is an experienced radio and television interviewer. As presenter of 'North of Westminster' and 'Let the People Talk' on BBC Two, he interviewed a host of other leading political figures. He is an experienced public speaker and, since 2006, he has been advising governments, local authorities and businesses on communications strategy and media relations.

With a career dedicated to news, Nigel is committed to clarity and openness in communications. He feels that these are essential qualities that ensure the public are given the information they need to stay safe and secure in an emergency.

Married with one son, Nigel is actively involved in his local community as well as being a Dorset County Council digital champion. He is  a lifelong football fan, supporting Leicester City and Leicester Tigers.