UK Resilience Lessons Digest

The publicly available UK Resilience Lessons Digest is part of the government’s commitment to strengthening whole society resilience. It sits at the heart of a programme of work at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) to synthesise lessons learned of all major exercises and emergencies.

Working in collaboration with the Cabinet Office Resilience Directorate, JESIP’s Joint Organisational Learning Team and other existing platforms, the UK Resilience Lessons Digest draws on a wide range of relevant resources to support the timely analysis and sharing of transferable lessons at local, regional and national levels. The aim of this publication is to support lesson-learning within and across responder organisations, government departments and wider resilience partners.

The Digest publications are designed to do this in three ways:

EPC UK resillience digest_summarise icon.png By summarising transferable lessons and themes from a wide range of relevant sources
EPC UK resillience digest_share icon.png Sharing lessons across responder organisations and wider resilience partners
EPC UK resillience digest_coordinate icon.png Coordinating knowledge to drive continual improvements in doctrine, standards, good practice, training and exercising


Each issue of the Digest contains a central analysis of lessons arising from public facing reports. This provides an evidence base for ‘Learning Themes’, which represent common patterns of learning across reports, and ‘Transferable Lessons’, which can be applied in practice to build resilience across the risk cycle. 

It also showcases distributed knowledge and professional insight from responder organisations, academia and industry domains to drive continual improvement by enhancing the implementation of lessons into UK doctrine, standards, training and exercising.

For a more in-depth overview of the work, including information on the Digest’s vision framework, processes and principles, please see the ‘About’ section in full in Issue 1: Learning Together, page 8.

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Issue 4

'Learning to Adapt' Learn more
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Lessons Digest I4 5050 web block

Issue 3

'Learning to Read Risks'

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UK Resilience Lessons Digest Issue 3 Learning to Read Risks

Issue 1

'Learning Together'

Issue 2

'Learning In Action'


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