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UK Resilience Lessons Digest Webinar: Learning to Adapt

In the opening foreword of the UK Government’s National Risk Register 2023, Deputy Prime Minister the Rt Hon Oliver Dowden highlighted the increasing impact that climate change is having on our day-to-day lives. Our experiences of related extreme weather events in the UK testify to this, impressing that the impacts of climate change have shifted from scientific prediction to ever present reality.

The fouth edition of the UK Resilience Lessons Digest presents an overview of lessons on climate adaptation. In this accompanying webinar you'll hear from guest speakers including:

  • Lianna Roast, Head of Thought Leadership at the EPC
    Learning to Adapt: Lessons on Climate Adaptation
    Lianna gives an overview of the fourth edition of the Lessons Digest series, focusing on key takeaways from the climate adaptation learning analysis. Discover the top learning themes across reports, why the research in this edition was unique, and highlights of the practical transferrable lessons for the wider resilience community.
  • Lizzie Fuller, Climate Science Communicator at the Met Office
    The Role of the Met Office in Responding to Climate Change

    The Met Office is the UK’s national weather service and a Category 2 Responder, providing crucial advice and support during times of extreme weather. They also play a critical role in the nation’s planning and response to the climate emergency. Lizzie explains how they provide science to inform both climate adaptation work and the response to severe weather events.
  • Professor Lee Miles, Bournemouth University
    Spotlight on Sierra Leone: Lessons from the AFRICAB and EVALDIS projects

    Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre discuss their work in one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change - Sierra Leone.

    Lee will be drawing out evidence-based, transferable lessons from two award-winning projects: AFRICAB (Driving African Capacity-Building in Disaster Management, 2018-2021); and EVALDIS (Evaluating Local Disaster Management in Sierra Leone (2022- 2023).

  • Ben Crabb, Resilience Capability Lead at the EPC
    Practical Academic Insights: Adaptation, extreme weather, and the events industry, Ben Crabb

    In his section, Ben will explore how extreme weather events are impacting events around the globe, presenting some academic insights into why industry adaptation may be more incremental than immediate. Ben will signpost the key national plans and resources that can help to support event managers and local emergency planners.

  • Rachel Toresen-Owuor, Local Partnerships
    Tools for Implementation: The Adaptation Toolkit from Local Partnershipp​​​​​​​
    Co-authored with the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP), Local Partnership’s free Adaptation Toolkit provides a practical facilitation tool that helps to bridge the technical guidance from the Climate Change Risk Assessment 3 (CCRA) and the practicalities of local government. Rachel will introduce a helpful five-step process to support local resilience partners in developing a strategy and action plan for climate adaptation.