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We are delighted to share with you Issue 4: 'Learning to Adapt'. In response the risks posed by our changing climate Digest 4 ‘Learning to Adapt’ presents an analysis of lessons on climate adaptation. By synthesising lessons identified in working to limit the impacts of climate change, the central analysis reveals common barriers and enablers of effective adaptation action in policy and practice.

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Building a resilient, adapted Society

In the opening foreword of the UK Government’s National Risk Register 2023, Deputy Prime Minister Rt Hon Oliver Dowden CBE MP highlighted the increasing impact that climate change is having on our day-to-day lives. Our experiences of related extreme weather events in the UK testify to this, impressing that the impacts of climate change have shifted from scientific prediction to present reality. 

In response, ‘Learning to Adapt' considers lessons identified to date in work to limit those impacts and help the UK build a climate resilient future.  

In the Director’s Foreword, Matthew Clarke, Head of Resilience, Resilience Directorate, Cabinet Office said:“The need to adapt to our changing climate has rarely been so salient.

"We hope that Lessons Digest 4 serves as a helpful resource that not only shows action and learning taken to date, but also acts as a tool to highlight where further work might be most usefully focused to achieve the overlapping visions of a resilient, adapted society set out by the third National Adaptation Programme in July 2023, and the UK Government Resilience Framework."

Learning to Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Change

The UK average surface temperature has already warmed by 1.2°C since the pre-industrial period, and is predicted to warm further by mid-century, even under an ambitious decarbonisation scenario.

Work to mitigate the effects of climate change is vital. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) are clear that urgent, increased and accelerated efforts on climate adaptation are needed now.

To support that action in policy and practice, this edition of the Digest presents a focussed review of lessons on climate adaptation. It highlights some of the identified learning on barriers and enablers to achieving positive adaptation outcomes, that reduce risks to climate change impacts and harness associated opportunities. 

Insightful resources & contributions

UKRLD4_Learning to Adapt_Front Cover Image.jpgIssue 4 is packed full of articles, insights, case studies and resources on climate adaptation. We are delighted to have guest contributions from:

About UK Resilience Lessons Digest

The UK Resilience Lessons Digest is part of a programme of work at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) to synthesise lessons learned from all major exercises and emergencies.

The Digest series has been designed to support our processes of learning lessons in three ways:

EPC UK resillience digest_summarise icon.png Summarising transferable lessons and themes from a wide range of relevant sources
EPC UK resillience digest_share icon.png Sharing lessons across responder organisations and wider resilience partners
EPC UK resillience digest_coordinate icon.png Coordinating knowledge to drive continual improvements in doctrine, standards, good practice, training and exercising

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