Client: The Office of Civil Contingencies, Gibraltar

EPC Lead: Steve Brewer, Martin Fenlon & Steve Nimmo

How countries can ensure best practice is embedded across all agencies to increase national resilience capabilities.


The EPC has been a regular provider of a wide-range of specialist and bespoke courses to the National Resilience Programme sponsored by the Public Authority for Privatisation and Partnership (PAPP) since 2014. 

The Client

The PAPP coordinate the National Resilience Program (NRP) on behalf of the related security agencies maximising Offset funding provided from a number of sources. The NRP is designed to improve and develop Oman’s resilience capability.  It is a wide-ranging project and the EPC delivered 23 interventions with the following government-owned organisations:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Oman Air
  • Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA)
  • National Defence College
  • Command and Staff College
  • National Ferries Company

NRP wished to do this through a range of delivery techniques:

  • Bespoke targeted and focused training
  • An embedded element in order to guarantee absorption of expertise and overall capability ownership
  • Delivered to middle-senior level
  • Courses that were contextualized for Oman and the nature of organisation and were not ‘off the shelf’


The training courses, exercising and advisory services delivered were invariably well received resulting in improved capability and a demand for further developmental activities.

EPC as a Cabinet Office centre of excellence has professionally delivered know-how and expertise across all the beneficiary agencies. The introduced consultancies and best practice allowed the agencies to improve the processes and better build a robust emergency response and business continuity systems.

The internal and external evaluation of all the initiatives was overall positive. The strategic sessions were well received and got good recognition.


Impact Stories