Public Safety for the Retail & Leisure Sectors

We have developed a portfolio of training and consultancy packages designed to help protect the public and organisations in the retail and leisure environment. 

Evacuation, lock-down, fire, Black Friday, crowd incidents, riots, flood...

The risks are there for all to see but the end result need not be a foregone conclusion.  However unlikely, these type of incidents do happen and we can help you to minimise and mitigate the risks with the right approach.

The right evaluation of risks, followed up by professionally-trained staff executing appropriately-constructed plans can minimise the risk and safely manage the public at your venue.  This can also reduce the prospect of injury and civil or even criminal prosecution reducing profits.

Our suite of specifically designed courses, tailored for the retail and leisure sector can make a very real difference and we have consistently demonstrated excellence in delivery.

Our courses have an incremental approach to ensure that the right 'building blocks' are in place to keep your visitors safe. That safe environment will not simply manifest itself, it needs to be built holistically, embedding safety at the very heart of your environment.

  • We start with a basic understanding of crowds and how they can be managed safely in complex built locations, then address the types of threats that exist both outside and within these types of locations.
  • We move on to training security personnel to fully understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • We train managers to understand the various processes of investigating and reporting should incidents happen.
  • We then work with those tasked with managing events in complex buildings, encompassing all aspects of public safety in complex locations at a managerial level.  This includes marketing and planning for events, providing staff with effective structures to work within in order to maximise safety and minimise danger.
  • 'Tactical emergency management' gives leaders an understanding of how to act and lead during critical events.
  • This is followed with an opportunity to take part in a critical incident exercise under pressing time constraints. We include search training and exercises to test and validate existing plans.
  • From this stage we provide training to managers on exercising emergency plans and de-briefing skills. We can also back this up with consultancy and 'critical friend' services to complement development of skills during live events.
  • Control rooms are of course essential in retail environments and we provided training in all aspects of operations, linking these with log keeping skills to record decisions and rationale, essential in any later enquiry.

All courses are designed to fit together to provide a skillset and portfolio to enhance resilience as detailed below:

Seniority Level Core Skill Requirement Course Requirement
                                                           Crowd Dynamics - Event Management
Tactical Response Management/Making & Recording Decisions
                            Planning - Exercising/De-briefing                                     



We are working across the UK with major retail owners and facilities managers to provide training to staff and their management. This includes many complex built environments, such as shopping centres, retail parks and transport hubs.

Our systems and models are developed and dellivered by active leaders in their fields, ensuring that all course content is current and takes account of the latest guidance, doctrine and thinking.

Threats to the environments we consider to be safe (for us and our loved ones) have never been so severe nor so diverse.

Balance those threats with the need to increase footfall and sales, especially during the festive season - entertainment events often increase their capacity in already crowded situations... and it only takes one mistake to wipe both your profits and your reputation off the business map.

Let us help you through training and support to develop your plans and strategies in order to achieve a safe environment for your customers, staff and families.

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What our customers tell us...

" A quick thank you for providing our staff with an excellent training package, including legislation, powers and policies, thereby empowering us o make the right decisions quickly. The safety in the workplace and conflict resolution modules were particularly well received by operational staff and managers alike. Genuine value for money training, directed specifically towards our needs." (Retail Park)

"Many thanks for the training provided for our team. This is exactly what out security teams needed. The content and delivery was excellent, especially when staff were tested and made to really think about what they do, why they do it and the consequences of doing it wrong. This in turn gave them the confidence they needed to grow and excel in their roles, whilst being ready to make the changes needed during an emergency situation." (Shopping Centre)

"Having known (our trainer) for many years, he has advised not only myself, but various companies I have worked for in the property management and retail sector. He has trained our staff in emergency management, security issues, threats and emergency management. I would recommend this training to anyone working in areas where public safety is vital in these uncertain times. I think the question I would ask is not so much, can we operate without this training, as why on earth would we want to risk operating without such support for resilience." (Shopping Centre)

"Thanks for yesterday's training, it was a real eye opener for our marketing and management team. The in-depth insight into crowd issues and management was first class. The model for planning events will definitely be at the forefront of our practices when we plan events for Christmas."   (Retail/Entertainment Venue)

“I met Carl (Maltravers, EPC Retail Manager) on an Emergency Planning course that he was running over several days. The way he delivered his course kept me locked in and wanting more information. The aspect of Carl which prompted me to write this recommendation is his approachability. On more than one occasion I have asked Carl to help me with some information I needed for a crisis scenario. Without question, he assisted, and has done since again. I am looking forward to working with Carl again on event management. I recommend Carl to you for anything relating to crowds, events and crisis management.” (Shopping Centre Manager)


“Well presented, augmented with real-life experiences, good pace.”

Training Course Delegate Retail Industry

“Really enjoyable 2 days - food for thought when we plan our next event.”

Training Course Delegate Events Industry