The assessment of risk and planning against both known and unknown risks are core skills for a UK resilience practitioner.

EPC training in this area for our UK audience draws on statutory and non-statutory guidance extant in each of the four nations as well as relevant international and British standards. 

This portfolio includes: 

  • the identification and assessment of civil protection risk over a range of time scales including the use of “horizon scanning” techniques; 

  • the exploitation of assessments to mitigate civil protection risk; 

  • the development of arrangements that can improve an organisation’s ability to respond to and recover from emergencies when they occur; 

  • documenting these arrangements in clear, accessible plans that comply with good practise; 

  • the design and delivery of exercises and “wargames” to elucidate risk management issues, validate arrangements and improve the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams; and 

  • the identification of lessons and processes of learning these to improve resilience. 


Risk Planning and Preparedness Courses


Risk Planning and Preparedness Services