In order to gain a general understanding and high level overview of what Pandemic preparation and response in the UK looks like take a look at the e-learning module provided below.

The module will take you through a look back at previous pandemics and at the timeline for Covid-19, how pandemics are prepared for and how this looks during response.

It brings together information from a wide range of Government sources to set out some of what Covid-19 means to resilience practitioners and the public in one place.

If you run this course in any browser other than Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari on your computer, you will not be viewing the course as visually intended and aspects of the course may not function correctly. Please ensure you copy and paste the address above into one of these browsers before clicking Start below for the best possible learning experience. Alternatively, mobile devices can be used.

COVID-19 Introductory module

This e-learning module gives a general overview of pandemic preparation & response in the UK

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