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In the wake of an emergency there is much to learn, but this crucial opportunity can be lost unless you have effective debriefing skills. The right training for those who will lead organisational learning; this highly interactive and task-based workshop covers all of the important debriefing bases. 

Learn how to analyse, adapt and move forward, constantly challenging ideas in order to get it right. Whether you are working in a single organisation or multi-agency partnership, this is an opportunity to discuss with experts as well as peers, the requirements of a major event debrief. 

Focusing on documenting what went well, what didn’t and what can be done differently are commonly asked questions. When answered and actioned from a professionally developed implementation plan, lessons can truly be learned.


To equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to conduct a debrief following an emergency, major or significant incident or an exercise.


  • Explain the benefits of effective debriefing after any emergency, significant incident or exercise
  • Evaluate the most appropriate methods for debriefing
  • Describe how to convert identified lessons from a debrief into organisational learning
  • Plan for and conduct a debrief

Who is This Course For?

When an emergency happens it’s essential to have a ready and able team, especially during debriefings. The course is designed for a wide range of needs to encompass anyone who has the role of conducting operational, tactical and strategic level debriefing.  

This includes practitioners from across the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) Category 1 and Category 2 responder communities.  The course will also be of value to staff from the military, voluntary sector, as well as practitioners from sectors without CCA duties, such as Nuclear sector and Control of Major Accidents and Hazards operators.  Practitioners in allied fields such as events planning are also advised to attend. 

Remember, it’s not just emergencies that require a debrief, many health and safety incidents and business issues would also benefit from sound debriefing skills.

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