Client: A Ministry of Defence Unit

EPC Team: Steve Brewer & Roger Gomm


The Ministry of Defence Unit (responsible for part of the UK’s CONTEST strategy in counter terrorism) delivers counter terrorism capability building to partnering nations. 

The Client

The Department had noticed an increased demand and need for training within its international operations.  

They wanted to:

  • Meet the increased demand for tactical level training
  • Further develop crisis emergency and response procedures at bronze, silver and gold levels
  • Expand knowledge in these areas
  • Harvest experience from other Government organisations such as the emergency services
  • Learn from counter terrorism specific examples from the EPC

What We Delivered


  • Training to build a general understanding of all crisis and emergency management
  • Reviewed and revised policies, processes and theory for staff
  • Relevant case studies on focused incidents


Although the course is in its infancy, after internal dissemination the Unit has decided that there is clear justification to book a second round of the two courses. This will allow the Unit to have the majority of its practitioners prepared, with the tools gained from the training in their arsenal.

“Working with someone like Roger Gomm, who has a wealth of experience and is clearly accomplished and practiced in delivery was invaluable.  He knew how to get the best out of the class while tailoring to staff who found a classroom challenging. Roger provided interactive lessons as well as modifying the course so it was delivered to ensure there was no wasted time and that everyone was fully engaged.”

“We could see straight away the Emergency Planning College, being part of the Cabinet Office, was going to offer a perfect fit for what we required. It was great to have a subject matter expert who was able to dynamically lead the course with a real world focus.”  - Captain C M Cameron.

Dealing with the EPC was uniformly positive. It's a relationship based on our first interaction that we are looking to expand and formalise. From both the delivery of the courses, to collaborating on tasks around the world (where we can fund and take out SMEs like Roger Gomm to help deliver courses) to organisations who might need crisis and emergency response management."

Captain CM Cameron (Yorks)