Client: Bristol City Council

EPC Lead:  Andy Everitt


With responsibility as a Category One Responder to emergencies, under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, the client had an extensive and wide remit.

With a duty of care that needs to be met, the client wanted to ensure it could react to emergency and contingency planning, and business continuity effectively.

The Client

Bristol City Council wanted to feel that its Emergency Planning was at the top of its game for both training and policy.

Bristol City Council felt that the EPC were a natural fit for them when it came to delivering both mentorship and training.

It required:

  • updated civil contingency planning
  • training for top tier staff
  • in house training
  • business continuity policies
  • review of risk landscape in face of current climate

What We Delivered

The EPC came to Bristol to lead strategic training for the top two tiers of the management. Raising awareness and the capability of the council’s directors whilst reinvigorating ownership of its respective departments and remits.

Bristol City Council was also looking to have a strategic review of its business continuity capabilities.


The results were profound,

  • following the course with Andy Everitt, the management were much more confident in their definitive roles and how these operated.
  • it also reassured staff that in the event of a crisis, that it is part of a team and that there is multi-agency framework in place ready to support them.
  • the organisation also found that it was already well prepared in the reviews of its policies.

Jim Gillman, Civil Protection Manager said: “Following the training of our staff, I saw a clear change in the qualitative information I received from them and this has had a massive effect. ”

“It was the willingness to engage and really understand what our requirement were, and then ‘tweak’ their provision to suit our needs that really added the value where the Council were concerned.“

“The EPC’s willingness to bring their courses and training to us in Bristol from Yorkshire was above and beyond.”

“What the EPC gave us was a single point of contact, who we could have frank conversations with.  This was Andy Everett, he was able to listen to our requirements and then tailor the EPC’s existing training courses to suit our specific needs.”

“It’s the engagement, the curiosity and the confidence in our senior management since the training that I feel were the real paybacks in working with the EPC.”

Jim Gillman, Civil Protection Manager, Bristol City Council