Client: Beiersdorf

EPC Lead: Andy Everitt



Beiersdorf is a global personal care company whose legacy stretches back more than 150 years.  With a head office in Hamburg, Germany, it specialises in skincare products with brands such as Nivea, Eucerin and Elastoplast among its highly recognisable portfolio.

The Client

Due to the nature of Beiersdorf’s products and portfolio, the company holds classified flammable consumer goods e.g. aerosol deodorants. This commands a high level of safe working practices and environmental protection.

The company wanted an independent, competent assurance of Beiersdorf’s practices and sought to work with an outside body to ensure that they were providing best practices.

This included a need to:

  • Seek a second opinion on its emergency planning processes and protocols from a respected body
  • Have industry endorsement of its COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations) practices
  • Fulfill COMAH legislation
  • Refresh and enable staff to re-engage with safety responsibilities

The company wished to do this through consultation with the EPC to:

  • Endorse and ratify its arrangements
  • Deliver crisis management training for shift leaders, management, board and directors
  • Give a broad overview of overall risk assessment including cyber and finance
  • Improve crisis management and emergency planning

What We Delivered

By working with the EPC to ratify and endorse Beiersdorf’s emergency planning, opportunities became available to holistically expand training to a multi-level overview of risk.  What started out as one training course grounded in safety, led to a refresh of business risk management.


Training led to the Board being reinvigorated by its practices, responsibilities and roles. 

“Sometimes it’s very important to take time away from our daily tasks and look from a distance at the scope of responsibility we have.  A day of strategic reflection.  Working with the EPC it gave many of our staff a chance to assess who manages our practices and whether they are sufficient and effective.” 

“The feedback that the EPC gave was added value at every step.  The evaluation they provided gave us specific tools, aids and assistance to heal any flaws.  The key thing was that the EPC has models that we have been able to apply not only to emergency planning, but tactically and practically in business.” 

Craig Walker, Health and Safety Manager, Beiersdorf

"What we have learnt from working with the EPC team is that it is important to move occasionally from that deep dive focus to strategic reflection."

Craig Walker, Health & Safety Manager - Northern Europe, Beiersdorf