Client: United Utilities

EPC Team: Bev Griffiths & Roger Gomm


One of the largest companies providing water and waste water services to the North West of England, United Utilities are regulated to have facilities in place to respond to incidents in a timely and competent manner. 

Having placed candidates on EPC courses in the past, the client wanted a range of bespoke courses developed to be delivered ‘in house’ over the next 6 months. 

The Client

United Utilities wanted to continue with its training of strategic staff, they wanted to:

  • Improve their capability of managing incidents at the upper level and beyond the companies current experience
  • Provide resistance against the unknown in major incident management
  • Keep pace with rapidly changing social, economic and climatic environments
  • Focus specifically on water-based incidents

The company wished to do this through training that was:

  • Bespoke, targeted and focused water incident training
  • Grounded in a practical, ‘real world’ focus
  • Delivered to middle-level staff from middle management upwards
  • Recently relevant and wasn’t ‘off the shelf’
  • Could be scalable with the opportunity for discourse amongst staff

What We Delivered

The EPC team has worked with United Utilities to train its staff for the past 3 years. After coming together again over a 6-month period to explore the content of the courses to develop a new practical, accessible and deliverable course for employees between middle management and directors. 


The course pilot was delivered with positive feedback. The finalised content was rolled out across the organisation.

“The College was keen to meet our requirements instead of offering something already in its provision, and that was very important to us."

“Also the willingness of the lecturers to apply their knowledge to our specific scenarios was invaluable. The mixture of their technical competence and the training professionalism was fantastic.”

Niall Clarke, Resilience Manager, Digital Services & Central Operations, United Utilities

We came to the belief that we wanted something more than we could provide internally. We wanted fresh thinking and the training to carry the name of a company who had credibility in this area and this lead us to the EPC.

Niall Clarke, Resilience Manager, Digital Services & Central Operations, United Utilities