Get Connected

In today’s modern world, constraints on time and expenditure are ever-increasing, limiting training accessibility for hard-working, budget-driven organisations. Here at EPC, we have expanded our capabilities and embraced the latest technology to help teams overcome these challenges, solidifying the highest levels of resilience, regardless of business size or location.

We have revolutionised our services to include a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose digital training system called the Connected Learning Suite (CLS).

With the CLS you will become immersed in a fully interactive remote training experience from the comfort of your own home, office or any location around the world.

Through this remote, cloud-based technology we are breaking down barriers, bringing learners together and spearheading the distribution of resilience training across the globe.

The System

Video Wall

Based at our headquarters in North Yorkshire, the CLS system boasts an impressive visual display wall comprising 8 large, high-resolution screens that are seamlessly connected with the ability to present to 64 attendees simultaneously.    

Content Sharing

Transporting attendees into a classroom set-up, but on a larger scale with a modern, technological twist. The CLS grants any host, using their own device, the ability to freely share all forms of content with other attendees. Options to share content are limited only by each host’s device. Sharable content can include, but isn't limited to, presentations, documents, media and webpages. If you can view it on your device, you can share it.     

Note that this system has ‘Official’ security classification. Nothing exceeding this classification should be shared. You are responsible for your own information.

Immersive Group Learning

Attendees can view and interact with their hosts and fellow participants on various levels, more so than if they  were in a traditional classroom environment. Face-to-face communication is so natural that users feel  immersed in the session. The built-in chat function, virtual hand raising, document sharing and even separate  group working modes are just a few of the features that create a truly unique learning or conference  experience for users of the CLS. 

Interactive Whiteboard

Leave passive learning in the past as new levels of interactivity are unlocked with the CLS. Witness 64  individuals demonstrate their knowledge, experience and understanding as they collaborate in real-time on  the virtual whiteboard. Answering questions, highlighting diagrams and pin-pointing locations on maps are just  examples of this powerful suite’s features, creating innovative training and conference options never before  possible.


Some course subjects allow attendees to absorb key learning at their own pace. This will be achieved ahead  of connecting to the CLS, through course materials and useful media combined into highly engaging, easy to navigate e-learning.    

This gives learners the core knowledge required to progress into a CLS session, where they will actively  discuss, debate and challenge individual understanding through a knowledgeable host and by interacting with  other learners in an open, supportive and highly cooperative environment.  


By capturing real-time analytics, hosts can assess learners’ abilities and understanding of any subject on the  spot by setting live polls. At the touch of a screen, hosts can ask simple yes/no questions, provide multiple  choice options or even allow attendees to type their own unique answer. 

Key Benefits

  • Collaboration

World-class training is never a one-sided discussion. It’s been proven that we learn best by asking questions  and sharing experiences. When connected to a course on our CLS you will delve into a truly collaborative  learning experience and be encouraged to express and challenge your understanding of any given topic.


  • Time

Time is precious, spend yours well. With a whole host of resilience subjects at your fingertips, the CLS  dramatically reduces impact on schedules and downtime required for workers. International training can be  delivered in-sync with different time zones, making sure you can connect whatever the time.


  • Travel

Sometimes the steps we don’t take are just as important as the ones we do. Forget the jetlag and expensive  hotels. Instead, become fully engaged in inspirational learning or conference sessions without even stepping  outside of the office.


  • Global

It’s a small world! Distance and location become meaningless when you can connect to unique training  content and interact with some of the world’s most highly regarded experts at the click of a button, internationally uniting the resilience community and distributing knowledge to every corner of the globe with  ease. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

The only requirement to use the system is an internet connection with either a Chrome or Safari browser. A  webcam is needed to hold face-to-face interactions. Wired headphones are also recommended for the best  possible CLS experience

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

The CLS can be accessed via a standard internet connection. Should a connection begin to struggle the  system will automatically prioritise audio, so you never miss valuable learning.

How much technical knowledge do I need to have?

Even those with very limited experience using technology will still find CLS training easy to use. With intuitive  controls and easy to follow instructions, the Connected Learning Suite is accessible for all user abilities.

I want to hire the CLS but I am not near North Yorkshire?

We can make it possible. The intelligent system can facilitate multi-located hosts with ease. You can access  the CLS from the other side of the world and teach a course or host a meeting as though you were standing in  front of your attendees.