Types of Exercise

This is a typology of the 5 basic types of exercise;  From a designer’s point of view, and that of the “customer”,  the operative bit is the relationship to realism and challenge.  Realism is self-evident; how many table-tops have you been in that parted company with reality at some point?  Read “challenge “ in three ways; the challenge of paying for it (they tend to get progressively more expensive as you go from basic drills up to full scale simulations or live exercises), the challenge they present to those being exercised and the challenge of writing and delivering them.  Assuming that those creating and delivering the exercise are competent and skilled, you really do get the level of assurance you are willing to pay for.  The other basic exercise typology (subject of another graphic) is “collective training” versus “testing”.  In other words – which is it for? Our sage wisdom is; try to avoid trying to do both at the same time!