Different organisations together
We reflect on our recent series of JESIP-themed blogs.

‘Non- blue light public and private sector responder organisations are realising the business benefits that JESIP offers them and their partner organisations. It is perhaps an affirmation of the true generic nature of JESIP in that it really does appeal to the many and not just the few. Some of the organisations I work with have been through a range of crises and for them, JESIP just makes plain common sense. The language, symbolism and imagery behind the brand is immaterial, all of these are adaptable, it is the core of the product and the experience that sits behind it that really matters.’

In his series of four short articles on JESIP, EPC Resilience Capability Lead, Andy Everitt, offers a reflective insight for resilience practitioners in both the public and private sector on the use of JESIP and its key tools.

COVID-19 continues to challenge us in so many ways in what has become a very long response phase. The recovery phase will be much longer and equally challenging. Use of tried and tested methodology can help in building critical thinking and maintaining situational awareness.

Managing cyber-attacks, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, is relatively new territory for us all. For example, public sector organisations that have been the subject of devastating cyber-attacks, and the mass disruption it causes to organisations and people, reflect that JESIP allowed them to make quality decisions in a rapidly evolving scenario, persistent uncertainty and a lack of organisational experience in managing incidents of this nature.

Make sure to check out the mini-series if you missed it. The four blogs are:

Every Name has a Meaning
A Trusted Friend in Challenging Times
Building A Crisis Response
Moving Through the Crisis Response Gears