“Go in, stay in, tune in”. It’s good advice and a snappy mantra that have served us well for a long time. What are your thoughts about it today (on World Radio Day)?

It was based on an assumption that people will naturally gravitate to local radio when their community is hit by disaster. It does happen, it does work and we want it to continue to do so.

BBC Radio York once said that, in emergencies, they reach much larger audiences than usual and that audience is spread across a much wider demographic. You’ll probably remember recent examples of when the programming stopped and the local station became the public information hub that everyone listened to – all the time.  There is still a need for this and it is public service broadcasting at its very best! 

But do we need to revisit the language? Does it still 'work' when so many people now default to digital social media and their devices for nearly all their information and communication needs? What does it mean to a new generation to 'tune in'? If the language doesn’t work, nor will the message? So, if it’s time to come up with a new mantra, what would you suggest?