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The CBCI 7.0 Certification Course offered by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is a wide-ranging business continuity training program designed to cover the full range of practices used by business continuity professionals. The course embraces the progressive evolution of Business Continuity Management (BCM) as a discipline and the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as the realisation of BCM.

It includes new and updated processes and terminologies, providing an opportunity to enhance technical knowledge, practical skills, and apply them to day-to-day roles. Aligned with the new Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 7.0 and BC-related ISO standards, the course enables participants to gain a qualification in line with ISO standards, showcasing competency with the post-nominal CBCI and digital badge, and acquiring BCI Membership.

This is a three day online course, with the option to take the online BCI examination.


The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of BCM methods, techniques, and approaches used by business continuity professionals. It also prepares students to pass the BCI’s Certificate Examination at the conclusion of the course. By aligning with international standards, the course aims to elevate the capabilities of business continuity and resilience professionals worldwide. Furthermore, it aims to enhance career prospects through professional and global certification, recognising foundational knowledge and understanding of BCM.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of best practices in business continuity, thoroughly preparing you for the BCI Certificate examThey will also possess the knowledge and skills to establish a business continuity management system, embrace business continuity, conduct analysis, design solutions, enable solutions, and validate the effectiveness of business continuity measures.

The course includes six Professional Practices covering a wide range of topics, ensuring a thorough preparation for the BCI Certificate exam:

  • Professional Practice 1: Establishing a BCMS 
  • Professional Practice 2: Embracing Business Continuity 
  • Professional Practice 3: Analysis 
  • Professional Practice 4: Solutions Design 
  • Professional Practice 5: Enabling Solutions 
  • Professional Practice 6: Validation 

Additionally, all delegates will receive a digital copy of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines 7.0 to support their continued education.

Who is This Course For?

Past delegates who have taken this exam have come from multiple managerial backgrounds including business continuity, risk and emergency planning:

  • Business continuity professionals already working in industry
  • Those looking to gain the CBCI (Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute) 
  • Those looking to progress through the Business Continuity Institute grades including Member of the BCI (MBCI) and Associate Member of the BCI (AMBCI)
  • Those looking to complement their existing BC knowledge with an overview of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)

Course Details & Booking

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