Tim Cutbill

With over three decades in the fire service, Tim specialises in ensuring services are able to work together effectively to ensure wider public safety. Working as a Strategic Lead within central and local government, as well as alongside partner agencies, Tim played an active role in planning for the 2012 Olympics and a number of Royal weddings.

Tim served in the London Fire Brigade for 31 years, progressing from Fire-Fighter to Assistant Commissioner. Throughout his career he has focused on providing a professional service to the public, one that has an emphasis on safety.

Tim is a specialist in interoperability between services and counter-terrorism and leads teams responsible for event planning, London’s transport infrastructure and counter terrorism response. Incidents he has responded to have included the London 2012 Olympics, as well as more than one royal wedding.

In 2012 he became the National Fire Rescue Service Strategic Leader for Interoperability, liaising with central government and partner agencies to develop and implement innovative changes, including the multi-agency Counter Terrorism (CT) doctrine. He was also the Strategic Lead for the London Resilience Group, having delegated responsibility for the Mayor of London’s Civil Contingencies Act responsibilities.
Tim’s career culminated in working for the UK government Foreign and Commonwealth Office where he travelled overseas sharing best practice and building capabilities in partner countries.