Judy Jackson web

Focused on providing a solution-focused approach, Judy is one of the leading Crowd and Event Safety Specialists. With over 20-years' experience supporting some of the largest festivals and outdoor events in the UK, Judy strives to ensure safety is at the forefront of any planning. 

Having worked at some of the largest festivals and outdoor events in the UK for the past 20-years', Judy has amassed an extensive range of skills in crowd and event safety. She has delivered services for a wide range of promoters and event organisers as well as managed a team of safety and risk management staff.   

Judy’s experience has seen her involved in the planning process and attended many events, often working as the Event Control Manager.   

She has also contributed to the working group for the medical chapter of the Purple Guide when it was re-written by the Events Industry Forum (EIF). 

When finding a safe way of delivering client requirements, Judy prefers to take the direct approach to work. She believes that it is best that results should be ‘solution focused’ rather than just saying "no, it can't be done, that is not safe".


NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate