Dave Miller Senior Associate EPC

Dave is a leading resilience and civil defence consultant, and a senior associate with the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College.

A certified and experienced executive coach, Dave is passionate about helping others become effective and authentic leaders in the most challenging circumstances. 

Dave delivers resilience exercising to strategic leaders, at both a national level and internationally. His work has seen him collaborate with key UK government departments and agencies, as well as taking him across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has also offered his expertise to the development sector in South Asia, focusing on enhancing leadership skills in resilience and risk in a particularly demanding operational environment. 

Dave has led workshops across several European states, advising on how to lead crises at international level. He was a key figure in developing and facilitating the largest UK Government resilience and crisis management exercise in recent years. 

Until 2022, Dave was Executive Chair of a UK Resilience Forum. Across a population of 2m. Dave led multi-agency chief executives in the public sector, private sector and voluntary agencies through some of the biggest challenges the UK has faced in recent years, helping to build and sustain community resilience. 

Formerly a chief officer with the police, Dave possesses a wealth of experience in both operational and strategic command. During his 14-year policing career, Dave acquired substantial operational Gold level experience, including lead highly complex critical incidents. Holding both regional and national responsibilities, Dave's background includes community cohesion, specialist crime and operations, strategic firearms command, Gold public order and Counter Terrorism.  

With experience in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and attending COBR, engaging at ministerial level, Dave is well versed in managing challenging partnership arrangements and bringing organisations together to deliver for communities.  A highlight includes leading the renegotiation of a significant private/public sector security contract for one the of the UK’s largest international airports.   

Outside of work, he has four children, two dogs and an ambition to get less wet when paddle boarding! 


  • MSc Police Leadership and Management
  • Strategic Command Course and Authorising Officer Course
  • Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Gold Public Order and Public Safety Command/Events Management
  • Strategic Firearms Command