UK Resilience Lessons Digest Issue 2

πŸ“£ Learning in Action πŸ“£ - Last chance to register!

There is still time to join us at our live webinar this Friday 9th June, 13:00-14:00. 
Following release of the second UK Resilience Lessons Digest, ‘Learning in Action’, Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) will be presenting an overview of the Digest’s latest lessons analysis, and hearing from an exciting line-up of guest speakers including:

● Mary Jones, Director, Cabinet Office Resilience Directorate
● Carl Daniels MBE, Deputy Senior Responsible Officer, JESIP
● Professor John Drury, University of Sussex
● Dr Evangelos Ntontis, The Open University
● James Ancell, Head of Foresight, Cabinet Office Joint Data and Analysis Centre

To secure your space, sign up here: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams 

If you have not yet read the latest issue, ‘Learning in Action’ is now available forβ€―download here:

UK Resilience Lessons Digest - Issue 2: 'Learning in Action'