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Your Top 5 picks from the EPC Insight programme

As the range of stuff in our Insight Programme grows, we are starting to take more interest in which bits work best. There is something for everyone, and we want to keep it that way, but we especially value your feedback because it lets us know which bits are the most generally popular. That gives us themes to work on. 

So, what are the 5 most popular and useful products according you, the practitioners, over the past month?   Here they are:

1. Short Guide to Crisis Leadership  

Parts 1 to 4 of our Short Guide to Crisis Leadership are currently available for you to download here. We are working on Part 5, which will focus on the crisis management plan. Stay in touch to hear about it when we publish.


2. How do Incidents and Crises Differ? 

‚ÄčThis document is available from the 'Tools and Templates' platform. You can access it here.


3. The Resilience Round-Up

This popular weekly digest of the top resilience news, latest publications, our weekly 'recommended read and watch' is delivered to your inbox at the beginning of each week. It’s a great and concise way of staying up-to-date.

As you can see, we've just gone over the 100th issue and it's still growing in popularity.


4. Controlling Your Crisis Paper

Controlling Your Crisis is our latest Occasional Paper, from Mark Leigh – Head of the Insight programme.  Check it out here.


5. The Scale, Duration and Impact Tool

This is also from the Tools and Templates platform and can be accessed here. Check them out!


It's also worth looking around our Insight section – there are many more resources put out there by the Insight Team and there’s bound to be something that will meet a need of yours.