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This year, we have partnered with the BCI to provide public sector sessions for the conference programme that provide an insight into public sector resilience and all of its multi faceted disciplines. We hope to raise awareness, cultivate more collaboration and increase resilience across sectors.

We are part of the UK Government, Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. As well as being a BCI training partner, we are national centre for resilience learning and development in the UK, and support the resilience community throughout the globe through training, exercising and advisory services.

Make sure you join us on our virtual booth and the EPC Public Sector stream sessions. If you are not joining us at the conference, you can find out more about EPC, by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or contact us directly, we would love to hear from you!

5th November 2020

0800 - 0900hrs GMT: Learning Lessons

1100 - 1200hrs GMT: Concurrent Events

1200 - 1300hrs GMT: Setting Up Your Network (UK Cross Government Business Continuity Forum)

1600 - 1700hrs GMT: Recovery Management

1900 - 2000hrs GMT: Blakeley & Bland: Successful Partnerships for Improved Resilience

6th November 2020

0700 - 0800hrs GMT: Overcoming obstacles in building cyber resilience within public sector organisations

0800 - 0900hrs GMT: Getting to the Truth of it: Fake news, misinformation & disinformation

1200 - 1300hrs GMT: Good practice in multi-agency decision making

1400 - 1500hrs GMT: Creating a Culture of Resilience in a High-Stress Organisational Environment

1700 - 1800hrs GMT: Human Aspects & Working with Civil Society