UK Resilience Lessons Digest Issue 2


The UK Resilience Lessons Digest is part of a programme of work at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) to synthesise lessons learned from all major exercises and emergencies.

We are delighted to share Issue 2: ‘Learning in Action’ with you, which is now available for download here:

UK Resilience Lessons Digest - Issue 2: 'Learning in Action'

The Digest has been deliberately designed to support our processes of learning lessons in three ways:

EPC UK resillience digest_summarise icon.png By summarising transferable lessons and themes from a wide range of relevant sources
EPC UK resillience digest_share icon.png Sharing lessons across responder organisations and wider resilience partners
EPC UK resillience digest_coordinate icon.png Coordinating knowledge to drive continual improvements in doctrine, standards, good practice, training and exercising

Issue 2: Learning in Action

In the second edition of the Digest you will find:


A timely review and analysis of lessons identified from more than a decade of emergency exercises. 

A total of 456 lessons were reviewed across 16 public-facing post-exercise and debrief reports, spanning a period of 12 years. The analysis revealed six key learning themes: information format and flow; gaps in planning and preparedness; role resilience; training and exercising; technological resilience and redundancy and finally, media challenges. 


Two articles that focus on lessons and learning at national and local levels. 

These articles include an update from the JESIP team on national-level learning following publication of the Volume 2 Report from the Manchester Arena Inquiry; and an article on how the UK Resilience lessons Digest has been put into action in the local tier. 



Two insight pieces offering applied knowledge and research to support emergency exercise scenario design and lesson implementation.  

These include an overview of applied research from the University of Sussex on experiences of mutual aid during Covid-19, and practical tools from Cabinet Office Joint Data Analysis Centre, for actively anticipating future emergency effects and impacts. 


The Digest is committed to remaining relevant for responder organisations and the wider resilience community. Be sure to share your feedback on Issue 2. Thank you. 

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