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We’ve published 10 mini-articles about various risks by the EPC Insight Team on our newsfeed and gathered them together here as a single document. These (very short) mini-papers cover a diverse range of subjects, including: space weather; drought; an emerging cyber risk; lightning at public events and the challenges to civil liberties in 'smart cities'. These documents will be highly visual, using graphics and with a fresh innovative approach. 

We believe in holding our work to account and ensuring that it is peer reviewed before we post. So, our next group of guides are currently under review and will be out by the end of August.

‘Crisis Leadership’ is the title of the next group of guides heading your way. This will consist, at first, of 3 sections:

  • Key Concepts
  • Core Functions
  • Essential Tools

Keep your eye peeled for the release of these soon!

And yes, we are giving these all way completely FREE!

Take a look at them HERE