Disaster Database

Our freshly updated 'Disaster Database' spreadsheet has had around fifty new incidents included to create greater alignment to the National Risk Register (2016). These newly included incidents are from various decades over the past century and represent a variety of the risks we still face today. A large number of these additions have also been included on our interactive disaster database map.

We'd also like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all those individuals who have taken the time to recommend disasters and emergencies to be included within the database, we have now added these to the Disaster Database.

Here's just a small example of your recommendations, which now sit on the database:

- Shoreham Air Show Crash in 2015

- World Trade Centre Bombing in 1993

- Larkhall Blast in 1999

- Ronan Point Tower Block Collapse in 1968

Thank you to Dan Ward, Ross Armstrong, Phil Trendall, Steven O'Keeffe and many more for your suggestions. 

The response we've received regarding our Insight content, including the Disaster Database has been overwhelmingly positive, we couldn't have done it without your interaction, so please keep up the great input and let us know what you think to the newly updated database.

View the Disaster Database HERE