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EPC is the UK's leading centre for organisational resilience, delivering emergency and crisis management, business continuity, cyber resilience, event and public safety training, exercising and consultancy services. Our highly experienced, industry leading experts work closely with organisations of all sizes to deliver our services to both public and private sectors in the UK and across the world.


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Public safety at your events – Have you got it covered?

This thought provoking seminar will give you a vital understanding of how your organisation should mitigate the risks and manage public safety to support your organisations reputation and resilience.


Developing Organisational Cyber Resilience - A Core Process for Digital Government and CNI

Digital transformation is one of the key agendas for government, CNI and for enterprises in general.  However as individual enterprises, government, the economy and society become increasingly hyper-connected and data dependent the risks from cyber attack and not just technical failure rise.