Working as a Liaison Officer

Course Details

If it goes wrong the first question a subsequent enquiry will ask is; were you trained to carry out your role?

The important of liaison is often underestimated as time and time again experience has shown that individuals are deployed under the title 'Liaison Officer' with little to no training.

A Liaison Officer by definition is someone who is exchanged between two or more groups or organisations, who will be making decisions on behalf of their manager and must be prepared to amplify the organisation's intent and points of detail through the timely exchange of information. This is all about enhancing shared situational awareness.

Interoperability is key to all of this and having the appropriate training will ensure you are fully prepared to undertake this role. This course is built on experience from recent events such as; G8, NATO Summit, Commonwealth Games, London Olympics and Flooding events.

Who should attend?

Individuals identified as Liaison Officers who will carry out this function at the Tactical or Operational level.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Summarise the key roles and responsibilities of those responding to an incident
  • Explain how to maintain effective communication between your chain of command and other agencies
  • Demonstrate the gathering, collating and passing on information and recognise the importance of providing this information in a timely manner
  • Rehearse the incident liaison officer's response to an incident in exercises
  • List the resources required to carry out your role

Additional Information:

Pre-attendance requirements:

Delegates should have knowledge of their organisation's role during and emergency and be familiar with the Category 1 and Category 2 responder's duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

Bringing this training to you:

We believe this training course works best when delivered at your location, on a date and at a time to suit you. This enriches the learning and makes it more directly applicable to your organisation's needs and the particular challenges you face. Therefore, it is only available for delivery as a bespoke package. It will be affordable and good value, so please contact us for more information.