Using Social Media in Emergency Management

Don’t be swept along in the wake of social media. If you're not equipped to use social media to influence public behaviour in emergencies (including spontaneous volunteering) then you have already surrendered the initiative.

As social media gives rise to citizen and social journalism, news stories of disasters and emergencies break instantly, not just in the UK but reaching far across the globe.  Social networks are part of our every day life and you could find yourself on the back foot if you are not using these networks as a vital communication and surveillance tool, not only to gather intelligence but to build shared situational awareness.

This Cabinet Office endorsed workshop is relevant for everyone working in the resilience profession as the social media dimension is part of the soundtrack of disaster management.

Come on this workshop and learn practical skills in how to use it to get the outcomes you want.

Every professional working in disaster response and recovery needs to attend this workshop now!

(The workshop is facilitated by Nigel Kay – the EPC’s media and communications lead).


Course Details


To equip you with the knowledge and skills to monitor and use social media during and after an emergency.


By the end of this one day workshop, you will be able to:

  • Analyse social media traffic to derive intelligence and improve shared situational awareness
  • Explain the strategic benefits of monitoring social media in response and recovery
  • Describe how to verify information received via social media
  • Communicate effectively and engagingly with the public using the most common social media platforms.

Bringing this training to you:

We believe this training course works best when delivered at your location, on a date and at a time to suit you. This enriches the learning and makes it more directly applicable to your organisation's needs and the particular challenges you face. Therefore, it is only available for delivery as a bespoke package. It will be affordable and good value, so please contact us for more information.