The Business Continuity Masterclass for Senior Managers

Course Details


This course is aimed at senior managers who are responsible for their organisation’s business continuity programme. Senior managers, often without a background in business continuity management, inherit the leadership role for their organisation’s business continuity capability. This masterclass provides the senior manager with the underpinning knowledge to strategically lead the development of the programme.


To provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge to manage the implementation and provide a strategic steer to your business continuity management arrangements.


By the end of the event you will be able to:

  • State the six elements of the business continuity management lifecycle and how this can be applied within an organisation

  • Describe the role and importance of the BC Policy and BCMS governance arrangements

  • Explain the function of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and the methods that can be used to implement a BIA

  • Describe the 3 levels of an incident response structure

  • Analyse the importance of exercising business continuity plans and list the five types of exercise

  • Evaluate methods for embedding business continuity within an organisation

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre, London, W1W 6JJ

"Exceptionally well presented - covered a LOT of ground in a short time-span. Definitely food for thought!"

Iain Macleod CG Maritime

"Ideal course. A short overview for senior managers with responsibility for BCM."

Richard Webb Cherwell District Council