Responding and Recovering from CBRN Emergencies

Course Details

New to the field of CBRN?

The impact of an incident involving CBRN could present a significant challenge for the emergency services and other public and private organisations as it requires a specialist emergency response capability.

This new CBRN Response and Recovery course is aligned to the Joint Operating Principles that were developed by representatives across the emergency services at the National CBRN Centre. The principles form a core element of the Government’s new National CBRN(e) Operational Response Framework are also included as this was developed to reflect up-to-date scientific evidence to provide a rapid, flexible and scalable response to a CBRN(e) incident.

What our customers say

"Excellent facilitation using various engagement techniques to deliever training outputs". Drazenka Tubin-Delic, Food Standards Agency

"The trainer's facilitation was superb. The right amount of professionalism and humour". Claire Whaley, City of London

Who should attend?

Those who are new into a post that requires you to have an understanding of the role, responsibilities and actions during a response to and/or a recovery from a CBRN Emergency.  This course does not focus entirely on the deliberate malicious release of any CBRN material it will include other aspects of CBRN.


The aim of this 1 day course is to introduce delegates new to the field of CBRN with an understanding of what the Response and Recovery arrangements are that underpin CBRN in order to enhance individuals effectiveness and employability at the Bronze/Silver Level.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand requirements and obligations relating to decontamination and site clearance after a CBRN incident

  • Examine what national and international expectations and response will be in the Recovery phase of a CBRN incident

  • Understand the Response arrangements for CBRN events.

  • Recognise who does what during the Response and Recovery phases.

  • Recognise the characteristics and key activities required when responding to a CBRN event.

  • Look at hazards to the environment and recognise the controls and culture behind COMAH/CBRN.

  • Recognise the role and responsibilities of a CBRN liaison officers.

  • Understand the impacts that make Recovery more complexed than other natural events.

  • Introduce the National products available during an emergency such as; Resilience Direct, Lexicon of Civil Protection Terminology and Mapping Symbology.

Additional Information:

Pre-attendance requirements:

Have an understanding of The Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles

Bringing this training to you:

We believe this training course works best when delivered at your location, on a date and at a time to suit you. This enriches the learning and makes it more directly applicable to your organisation's needs and the particular challenges you face. Therefore, it is only available for delivery as a bespoke package. It will be affordable and good value, so please contact us for more information.