Managing your Reputation in a Media Crisis

Course Details

Participants will learn how to deal with the media before, during and after a crisis.
A crisis is an inherently abnormal, unstable and complex situation that represents a threat to the strategic objectives, reputation or existence of an organisation.

The crisis may have structure and be an actual incident or it may simply be a rumour or misreporting.
This course will particularly look at crises that may not be a direct threat to life, property or assets, but do challenge an organisation’s reputation or brand.

The course will cover how to deal with the media before, during and after a crisis to minimise reputational damage.

The course will be a very practical session, involving role play using specific scenarios of crisis situations. Participants will have the opportunity to practise broadcast media interviews. These will be critiqued constructively by an expert facilitator, with practical advice on improvements that can be made and demonstrated within the course. Video and audio examples are used to underpin the theory.

Who should attend?

Any person employed by an organisation who may have to deal with the media once a crisis, and thus threat to reputation or brand, is recognised.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Be able to explain the need for a communications plan before being faced with a crisis and know how to create a plan
  • Describe how and why the media react to incidents
  • Identify what messages to communicate and to whom (audience / stakeholders)
  • Recognise which media channels are available to use, select which to use and to demonstrate how to use them effectively
  • Communicate messages to the media in an exercise environment.
  • Demonstrate skills and confidence in briefing colleagues on how to communicate messages to the media

Bringing this training to you:

We believe this training course works best when delivered at your location, on a date and at a time to suit you. This enriches the learning and makes it more directly applicable to your organisation's needs and the particular challenges you face. Therefore, it is only available for delivery as a bespoke package. It will be affordable and good value, so please contact us for more information.