Local Authority Chief Officers: Delivering Civil Protection

Recent events have emphasised the need for you to rapidly gain the assurance you need that your organisation is effectively prepared for disasters and emergencies. Now is the time to assess your Council's level of preparedness and consider how this might be improved.

This 1 day course is designed to help you understand how effective emergency management works in practice. It will help you:

  • Ask the right questions;
  • Make an informed judgement as to the readiness and fitness of your Council to deliver what is required of it;
  • Drive change and improvement in your Council's resilience and emergency management capability.

This is an interactive workshop that uses the most up to date case studies and culminates in practical exercise activity.

Course Details

Who should attend?

This course is specifically designed for local authority chief executives, departmental chief officers and those with strategic decision-making responsibility for the organisation.


To enable Local Authority Chief Officers to accurately assess their organisation's resilience.


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe what “good” looks like in terms of planning for and responding to crises and emergencies
  • Make an informed assessment of your organisation's preparedness and capability;
  • Identify areas for consolidation or improvement
  • Use this awareness to influence public perceptions of your ability to support communities during incidents
  • Reflect on the impact of significant incidents and your ability to maintain priority / critiical services.