Introduction to Civil Protection

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A multi-agency course supporting the JESIP Joint Doctrine

Do you have a responsibility for Emergency Management/Civil Protection?

Managing an emergency can be complex and challenging, especially when working within a multi-agency environment. To enable effective decision making, it is widely accepted that a joint understanding of risk, commonly recognised terminology and robust Integrated Emergency Management plans are the most effective way to respond to any incident, large or small.

This course which is designed for those who are new to the business of emergency management is highly interactive and delivered by facilitators who have real-time experience in managing Major Incidents.

Set within the context of the Civil Contingencies Act, Introduction to Civil Protection provides training on the key aspects of joint working, risk management, emergency planning, response and recovery.

What our customers say:

About the Course

"Really useful!" - Gwilym Owen, Cardiff Council

"Good intro to Civil Protection - definitely does what it said on the tin!" - Katy Elliott, Bracknell Forest Council

"I would thoroughly recommend this course." - Tina Knight, British Red Cross

About the Trainer(s)

"Very knowledgeable, interesting, engaging, good pace, relevant and timely." - Angela Beresford, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue

"Very nice delivery. Friendly, kept the subject interesting. No cringeful ice-breakers! Really good course - thank you." - Richard Collins, British Red Cross

Who should attend?

Introduction to Civil Protection is for anyone who wants to develop their understanding of emergency management either at an operational or tactical level. It is particularly suited to those who are new to the business of emergency management or those who wish to quickly get up to speed with the latest legislation, guidance and leading practice.

The course is of most relevance to those from Category 1 and Category 2 responder organisations, the voluntary sector, military with a UKOps role and key partners within the Critical National Infrastructure community.

Class size: up to 16 delegates


To provide an introduction to civil protection arrangements in the United Kingdom.


By the end of this event you will be able to:

  • Define the key duties under the Civil Contingency Act and its associated regulations.
  • Explain the concept of integrated emergency management
  • Outline the most significant aspects of central and local planning and response arrangements
  • Outline the requirement and challenges of working with communities before, during and after an incident.
  • Describe the key considerations in relation to emergency risk management, emergency planning, response, joint working and recovery.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Additional Information:

This course contributes towards the following National Occupational Standards for Civil Contingencies:

AA1, AA2, AA3, AB1, AC1, AD1, AG4, AH2, AF2, AE1, AE2, AE3, AF1

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