Exercising Crisis & Business Continuity Plans

If you are relatively new to the design and delivery of exercises, this course is for you!

We all have plans in place to deal with emergencies but how many of us are confident that they will survive the impact of a major incident or disruptive event?

The most effective way to confirm that our plans, people and procedures are resilient is by exercising. An effective incident response exercising programme will validate the plans and processes that we have set in place, and build confidence in our ability to respond appropriately to the emergencies we may face.

This course is designed for those required to write, deliver and analyse exercises within their own organisation or as part of a wider multi-agency training and exercising programme.

Benefits to the delegate

At the end of this course, delegates will have:

  • Developed the skills and confidence to design and deliver a cost effective training and exercising programme for your organisation.
  • Enhanced their understanding of exercise design and facilitation, identifying gaps and areas for improvement in planning, training and exercising
  • Built a stronger frame of reference for resilience planning discussions with key stakeholders
  • Gained a better understanding of good practice in exercise design and management, thus supporting the risk mitigation process.
  • Enhanced personal development - training is endorsed by the Cabinet Office, meets the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and is aligned to international standards.

Benefits to the organisation

  • Develop staff competencies to the highest standard, enabling them to effectively validate emergency plans and procedures for your organisation.
  • Trained staff will be able to objectively assess your existing resilience capabilities, balanced against current or future business risk. 


Course Details


To provide delegates with the knowledge to exercise emergency plans effectively.


This course will enable delegates to:

  • Describe the value and benefits of conducting exercises

  • Design, plan and prepare exercises

  • Set the exercise aim and objectives

  • Select the best exercise format to achieve your aim and objectives

  • Manage and facilitate exercises

  • Evaluate outcomes against exercise objectives

Teaching and Learning Methods:

Who should attend?

Participants are normally middle or senior managers who have acquired a role in developing and/or delivering training and exercising, and reviewing, validating and auditing organisation’s resilience arrangements.

Class size: up to 16 delegates

Typically delegates attend from the following sectors:

Example job titles held by recent delegates:

Contingency Planning Sergeant Health & Safety Manager Emergency Planning Manager Rail Security Manager
Business Support Officer Quality Safety Co-Ordinator Port Resilience Co-Ordinator Airport Fire Officer
Deputy Principal Finance & Planning Police Officer Counter-Terrorism Operations Officer Operational Planner
Chief Inspector Business Continuity Manager Civil Protection Officer Security Manager
Head of Venue Management Operations & Safety Compliance Manager Operational & Compliance Director Senior Nurse - Emergency Care

Logistic & Planning Officer

Operations Manager Head of Emergency Care

Training Manager

What our customers say

"Excellent course. Identified a lot of detail on how to approach exercising to gain maximum learning"

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

"I feel like I can now go back to my organisation and make a difference in developing training and exercising throughout."

Highways England

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"A very useful course, full of content applicable to both new and experienced practitioners. Quality content and director information made for a highly useful and informative course"

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