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The BCI exam is a stand-alone credential leading to the professional qualification for BC practitioners, CBCI – Certified by the Business Continuity Institute. The BCI examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of the prescribed Body of Knowledge which, in this case, is the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines. It consists of 120 multiple choice questions completed within 2 hours.

Candidates can choose to sit the CBCI exam at any point in their career. It is not a requirement to take the Good Practice Guidelines (CBCI) course before sitting the exam, however the College runs the BCI course before each scheduled exam meaning you can attend the course and take the exam within one week.

People who take the exam may be:

  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Emergency Planning Managers
  • Those appointed to business continuity posts who do not have a business continuity back ground or who have limited business continuity experience.
  • Those looking to progress through the BCI grades (AMBCI and MBCI)


About the BCI Certificate Exam

The BCI Certificate examination contains 120 questions which the candidate has 2 hours to complete. The questions, which have been compiled by a group of subject matter experts under the direction of the BCI’s Global Membership Council, are based entirely upon the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines. Candidates can choose to sit the CBCI exam at any point in their career and successful candidates, provided they have sufficient practical BCM experience, may apply for Statutory membership of the Institute.

Successful candidates in the exam are awarded the CBCI credential which has been established to serve as the international standard for validation of BCM knowledge. Two different pass levels have been set: "Pass" for less experienced practitioners seeking Associate (AMBCI) or Specialist (SBCI) membership and "Pass with Merit" for those wishing to attain the more senior MBCI grade of membership.

The CBCI is valid for 3 years, during which time an annual maintenance fee is payable to BCI. After this time it is necessary to resit the exam to demonstrate currency of knowledge.

Candidates who successfully achieve the CBCI may proceed to Statutory membership of the BCI in the grades of SBCI, AMBCI or MBCI if they can also demonstrate sufficient practical BCM experience to support their theoretical knowledge.

For further details please visit: The BCI Website

The College administers the exam in the paper-based format and exam results will be mailed to candidates from the BCI directly within 4-6 weeks of sitting the exam. The college does not receive information from the BCI regarding individual results.

More information for candidates can be found in the Candidate Information Pack.


Please note that if you wish to attend the Good Practice Guidlines (CBCI) course before you sit the BCI exam you will need to book the course separately, choosing the date that corresponds to the exam you want to attend. Click here to view the course booking page.

Candidates may resit the exam as long as at least 90 days have passed since their last attempt. The full exam fee will be payable upon each resit.

Exam Price

£395 (excluding VAT). Dinner, Bed and Breakfast is available for exam candidates the night before the exam if required for an additional £75 (excluding VAT).

How to Register for the Exam

To register for the BCI Certificate Examination, please follow the four steps below:

1) Book your exam
You are invited to sit the exam at the EPC following your course – exam dates correspond with course dates. Click on ‘Book Now’ to book your place at the College for the course and/or the exam of your choice. Alternatively, preview all exam dates and locations on the BCI website to suit your needs.

2) Complete the CBCI Application prior to attending, or on arrival.

3) Pay for the exam

4) Confirmation

The EPC will send you confirmation and details of the event two weeks before the exam takes place.

Ref No. Start Date / Time End Date / Time Venue Cost (Ex VAT) Availability
2019/28/PD 11/07/2019 09:00 11/07/2019 11:30 The Hawkhills £395.00 4 Book Online
2019/41/PE 11/10/2019 09:00 11/10/2019 11:30 The Hawkhills £395.00 9 Book Online
2019/50/PE 13/12/2019 09:00 13/12/2019 11:30 The Hawkhills £395.00 10+ Book Online