Working in an Event Control

The event is aimed at staff and supervisors who, on a permanent or temporary basis, are required to work in an event control. The programme will examine both theory and practice of the event control room, using exercises based on real scenarios to illustrate learning.

It is vital that, as well as utilizing suitable information management systems, a control room also maintains an audit trail to include planning arrangements, incidents and actions taken deployment of personnel and decisions taken.

You will have an opportunity to explore these issues as well as considering appropriate difficulties layout equipping and staffing of control rooms in order to apply such practices to your own working environment.

The course will cover the skills, knowledge and competencies in order to ensure that you will be an effective member of a control room team which is an integral element of the safety management operation.

Course Details

Who should attend:

Public and private sector personnel who are, or may be, required to work in and event control room whether on a permanent or temporary basis.


By the end of this event you will be able to:

  • Assess the relevance of key legislation and guidance to event control operations
  • Explain the roles, responsibilities of, and importance of the key interface(s) and communication between key agencies and partners.
  • Explain the processes, and their role, in relation to decision making in contingency and emergency responses.