Transport and Traffic Planning for Events

Course Details

This course is designed to develop your confidence in traffic and transport planning so you understand the requirements for planning your events.  It will help you to communicate requirements to contractors and other stakeholders, to review contractors and to ensure the most appropriate and safe resources and plans.

Understanding the effects of your events on the local community, will enable you to ensure traffic and transport plans are efficient for your event whilst reducing any impact on the community. 

This course will not train you to become a transport or traffic manager, but will enable you to review and evaluate your event requirements and plans for transport and traffic management to ensure safe environments and safe public events.

What our customers say

"After attending this course, I will now be able to review a transport and traffic plan. As a Marketing and Events officer this will help me and our department in the day to day running of events". Dawn Nisbet, Scarborough Borough Council

Who should attend?

  • Event planners, organisers and promoters

  • Local authorities

  • Safety advisory group members (including; police, fire, ambulance/NHS)

  • Security marshal companies

  • Safety officers

  • Transport providers.

  • Venue management


To understand the requirements for the transport and traffic management plan for events.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the relevant legislation and its requirements
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Evaluate the content requirements of a Traffic Management Plan
  • Identify the unique factors of events and how they impact on traffic management.