Public Safety in Complex and Built Environments

Course Details

In today’s world where buildings and crowded places use an array of socio technical systems to face a myriad of threats, this course provides a clarity to those charged with safety management.


To be able to manage the wider complexities surrounding your organisation’s locations and buildings


  1. Define the internal and external implications of complex built environments/crowded iconic places.
  2. Explain the connectivity between the environments and the consequences of local and national threats.
  3. Determine the potential impact of complex and built environments /crisis communication on the behaviour of crowds.
  4. Identify the cycle of emergency planning, including the exercising and validation of your own documentation.
  5. Describe the aspects of your plans which affect the behaviour and safety of the occupants during and emergency.
  6. Analyse the human and technical systems within the complex and built environment for normal and emergency behaviour.
  7. Prepare for various crowd phases and responses to adverse catalytic incidents.

Who should attend?

Typically this course brings together centre managers, operations managers and security managers.