Event Licensing

Planning ahead is critical when it comes to licensing and regulation - get it right, or your event could be closed down before the gates or doors are even open.

Premises licence, temporary event notice, personal licence, street collection permit, PRS for music and PPC licences - we can help you navigate through and avoid the pitfalls that catch you unaware by:

  • Improving your understanding of licensing law and its requirements
  • Developing conditions that are appropriate and effective
  • Ensuring compliance through monitoring and assurance
  • Identifying enforcement action, reasons and processes
  • Helping you navigate the applications process.

This unique one-day course is designed and delivered by a practising solicitor and event safety manager. These industry leading experts bring knowledge and expertise to the course, exploring licensing legislation, roles and implications, allowing you to easily understand the relevance and apply it to your role. It will help you to make licensing work for you whilst balancing safety with commercial incentives.

Course Details

Who should attend?

Typically this course brings together safety officers, venue managers, those from local authority licensing, Safety Advisory Group chairs and/or members (including police, fire, ambulance/NHS) and event promoters.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the key licensing areas within the Licensing Act
  • Explain the event licence application process and considerations
  • Identify case studies and particular licensing issues raised by recent events
  • Explain the fee structure associated with licensing
  • Explain what should be contained in an event contract
  • Describe the event licence sanctions available for non-compliance.