CM3 Crowd Modelling, Management & Movement

Course Details

Crowds are not for controlling, but for managing!

Whether a crowded location, event, or emergency evacuation then this is essential.

This two day specialist course provides the vital principles that lead you through the importance of understanding and managing the interactions between people and the surrounding environment.

This intensive experience comprises of crowd analysis which includes crowd psychology and associated human dynamics. It encompasses mathematical calculations to enable you to plan or review plans for ingress, egress rates, densities and circulation. Furthermore it considers the importance of the environment, the venue design and expectations of the crowd.

What our customers say:

"This course will enable me to more effectively fulfil my role as an event commander at Lincoln Christmas market in order to spot crowd dynamics and critically evaluate the event plan". Simon Walters, City of Lincoln Council

"This course will help me understand crowds, how they react and how to calculate evacuation times". Gareth Laking, Magna Vitae

Who should attend?

This is for those who require an understanding of the cause and effect of crowds and the environment. It is also for those who are planning for, scrutinising plans and/or managing crowd situations, evacuations and events.


To provide an understanding of basic crowd psychology; techniques to plan and manage safe pedestrian flows at venues, during routine operations and emergency situations.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Outline the principle guidelines, legislation and regulations for safety and contingency planning for crowds at venues and events
  • Explain the difference between crowd management and crowd control
  • Describe the phases and nature of crowds and their psychology
  • Conduct calculations for flow rates and density for people in crowded places
  • Identify potential crowd behaviours in emergency situations.

Teaching and Learning Methods: