The EPC in Scotland

At the EPC we recognise that Scotland's resilience community are looking for training that can be delivered in Scotland to meet the needs of a wide range of partners.

So, we are working with our partners in Scotland to deliver a number of training courses which are highlighted below. We expect to expand in the future, but what we offer will always complement the training provided by our partners and not compete with them.

This selection of courses is delivered in partnership with:

  • Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS)
  • Scottish Multi-Agency Resilience Training & Exercise Unit (SMARTEU)
  • Emergency Planning Society (Scotland)
  • EventsScotland (for crowd related courses)

Key benefits of our training:

  • We will come to you to deliver these courses in your locations of choice;
  • This will be a real saving in travel and time away from work;
  • They are available in one or two day versions;
  • They will be fully contexualised for Scotland;
  • They will be designed around Scottish risks, the Scottish environment and your national political and resilience structures;
  • They will be delivered by trainers who really understand the Scottish situation;
  • We can also provide bespoke solutions for your very particular needs.

Crowd Safety Courses for Scotland

The following courses have all been reviewed and approved by our partners in Scotland.

To Book

Please contact us to arrange for us to deliver these courses on a date, at a venue and time to suit you and your organisation:

  • CM3: Crowd Modelling, Management & Movement - This course aims to provide an understanding of basic crowd psychology; techniques to plan and manage safe pedestrial flows at venues during routine operations and emergency situations.
  • Event Licensing - This course aims to provide a guide to licensing legislation and good practice at stadiums, sports and large events.
  • Medical Provision at Events - This course explains the legal duties and guidance surrounding the provision of First Aid and medical provision for events.
  • Public Safety at Festivals & Mass Gatherings - This course aims to provide those with responsibility for the safety of crowds at festivals and other mass gatherings with an appreciation of good practice in the planning, organising and operating of events.
  • Public Safety at Motorsports - This course aims to provide those with responsibility for the safety of spectators at motorsports events in public places with a framework for good practice in planning and organising such events.
  • Public Safety in Complex & Built Environments - In today's world where buildings and crowded places use an array of socio technical systems to face a myriad of threats, this course provides a clarity to those charged with safety management.
  • Safety at Sporting Venues - This course aims to provide delegates with opportunity to apply strategic safety management to sports grounds and events.
  • Working in an Event Control - This course aims to provide delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and competences in respect of their role within an event control. 


Civil Protection Courses for Scotland

You may also be interested in the following civil protection courses which we are able to deliver in Scotland:

  • Writing Contingency Plans - This course will give you the knowledge, skills and understanding you need to be an effective contingency plan writer.
  • Planning for Mass Fatalities - This course examines the issues, guidance and good practice associated with planning for, and responding to, mass fatalities.
  • Preparing Emergency Plans for COMAH - This course examines good practice in planning for COMAH related emergencies and other major industrial accident risks.  It will ensure that you are at the cutting edge of good practice.


Further details

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