Bespoke Training Solutions

Innovative training solutions at a time and place to suit your needs

We actively seek to deliver our training courses in a flexible way by offering training delivery at a place of your choice. By offering you a choice of how, when and what training will take place, you are assured of a solution to match your needs whilst we maintain the high quality of content and delivery for which we are renowned.

Bespoke Training Options

Our training team and course directors attend to your needs in a way that is both appropriate and relevant to your situation.  You are also assured of a solution that is doctrinally and legislatively compliant through the Cabinet Office and the Civil Contingencies Secretariat quality assurance and control procedures.

How it Works

We work with you to identify your needs and ensure that you are satisfied and agree with the proposed solution. We will develop a programme based on a Subject Matter Expert:

  • Agreeing the topics you want to cover
  • Agreeing the objectives you want to achieve
  • Developing appropriate course content
  • Delivering your training
  • Providing all support materials and resources required.

We will arrange any necessary pre-course meetings and calls with you. We will ensure all materials are delivered to your site and venue in time for the course and provide a point of contact and any learning support required.

To see some examples of the bespoke solutions we offer; from training, exercising, consultancy and support services, read our case studies to find out how we are helping organisations like you.

To become the latest organisations to benefit from the professional development we offer and to find out how we can adapt our training to meet the specific needs of your organisation, please contact our sales team.