The Disaster Database - How To Guide

This guide provides some advice to make sure you get the best out of our Disaster Database interactive map. Althought it is easy to navigate and interact, here are a few quick pointers that might help:

  1. Simply zoom in and out of the map to select the icons for each disaster. You will then see a short description of the incident and if you then click the title of the incident you can access a webpage for further information.
  2. If the map leaves you wanting to know more, then please download our Excel spreadsheet where you will find links to more website, videos and books on the subject.
  3. It is possible to filter the incidents by de-selecting categories. To do this please click the 'eye' button at the side of each title you wish to deselect.
  4. You can also filter your search, for example '1999' will return incidents that include 1999 in the title.
  5. You may notice some locations are not exact or may have occurred over more than one area. We are working on a more exact version.
  6. Some incidents appear within more than one category but most have been listed within the section most relevant.
  7. Finally, we find the map seems to function better when opened in Google Chrome.


We hope you find this useful!

Open the Disaster Database Map

Click Here to open the Disaster Database Map (Beta Version).