The Disaster Database

Our online Disaster Database is a free resource that gives you a set of details, resources, references and links to tell the stories of around 400 disasters and emergencies. Most are examples from the UK and Europe, but we’ve also included numerous global studies. A large selection of these incidents are presented as an easy to navigate interactive map, alongside a fully comprehensive, conventional spreadsheet which contains the full list.  

This is not a definitive encyclopaedia of global disasters, nor is it the last word on any of them. It includes those we think particularly relevant, significant or interesting for one reason or another. It will continue to grow and develop.

How is it useful?

We hope it will be interesting and useful in various ways.  It might help:

  • Students doing research;
  • Trainers looking for resources;
  • Risk assessors looking for case examples;
  • Writers looking for examples or references;
  • Those with a general interest in this field.

At the moment, this is very much a work in progress.  More examples, resources and links will be added as we go along and we have a 'next generation' version in mind already.

How can you be a part of this?

Get in touch!  Do you think we’ve missed out an important, lesson-rich emergency or disaster?  Or have we missed a useful resource that would add more value to one that we have included? Tell us!  We’ll include what we can and acknowledge you.  That way we can grow this shared resource collectively.