Managed Services: Emergency Planning & Business Continuity

This new service from the EPC is designed to give you the assurance that you have all the necessary plans and procedures are in place to manage the effects of a major incident or severe business disruption. This will also give you the confidence and the peace of mind that all your emergency plans and business continuity arrangements will be developed and managed to the highest standard.

This service will be tailored to your needs and will integrate seamlessly into your organisation.

How does it work?

We are offering you our people - the best and most up to date in the business

We invest time in understanding your current requirements, objectives and constraints. By forming a holistic view we can then work with you to deliver the activities requirement to ensure you are prepared.

This new service can be flexed to meet your needs and budget but typically includes:

  • A baseline review of your emergency plans, procedures and business continuity arrangements to identify specific areas for development.
  • A detailed project plan, outlining the day to day activities required to meet the above aim, including defined stage boundaries to formally report progress.
  • Development of Emergency plans, taking into account your corporate risk register and local risk management arrangements.
  • Advice and guidance relating to your emergency planning and business continuity management arrangements.
  • A Training needs analysis (TNA) to inform the development of staff capability regarding emergency management, and essential to maximise the value of training.
  • A package of training courses delivered in line with the latest, and emerging, doctrine and developed to meet the needs identified through the TNA.
  • Validation through the testing and exercising of plans, drawing on the expertise of an independent Associate to give you assurance.
  • A communication plan to include attendance at relevant meetings such as Local Resilience Forum planning groups.

This innovative approach could involve us embedding subject matter experts into your organisation to support from within.

By letting us take the strain, we will support you and your teams in developing arrangements that will build resilience within your organisation.

Once we have assigned a subject matter expert to work with you, they do of course have access to the EPC's wide-ranging cadre of specialists who can be called upon to assist with training and exercising support. In addition, this package offers substantial discounts on the cost of EPC's training courses and associated products.

Let's talk...

This is a service delivery partnership and, as such, we appreciate it requires a degree of detail and planning before you decide take the plunge. We would be delighted to explain this new service to you, share our experiences of working with other clients and discuss the many benefits it will bring.

Please get in touch for an informal discussion and to find out more call Helen Baxter-Smith, Assistant Director on (01347) 821406.