COVID-19 has challenged us all. Learning and building resilience capabilities and capacity remains our priority at EPC to help organisations now more than ever to prepare and plan for the next crises

What can we offer?

• Interactive online training and exercising for individuals, teams and organisations

• Bespoke self-paced e-learning packages to help organisations provide essential learning to their staff to increase capacity

• Our exercising and advisory teams are available to assist you online with your Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Civil Protection needs, including planning, response, debriefing and lesson capture

Whether you are attending courses online, onsite at our COVID secure facility, or at an offsite venue, all or need courses designed just for your organisation, we can offer the right learning format with all the quality and assurance of the EPC.

Connected Learning Suite (CLS)

For Learners

  • Interactive, immersive virtual learning experience, hosted by an expert facilitator in real-time
  • Multiple virtual class views enabling peer to peer interaction
  • Group discussions to share knowledge and experiences
  • Live polls to assess understanding
  • Break out groups for separate tasks
  • Interactive whiteboard capability

For Organisations

  • Large numbers of participants can interact in each session
  • Bespoke content relevant to your business
  • Rehearse response plans with your teams in a virtual exercise
  • Hire the system to hold meetings, virtual presentations and more
  • Cloud-based access, no software installation needed
  • Instant start up with no specialist development costs
  • On-site support
  • Remote trainer/facilitator support capability


For Learners

  • Work at your own time and pace on any device
  • Resume or repeat whenever you want
  • Tests to confirm understanding
  • Engaging interactivity with multiple media input
  • Basic internet connection or download for off-line use

Bespoke for Organisations

  • Can be built around any topic (general or specific)
  • Transform any document or presentation
  • Custom branding available
  • Formatting allows uploads to organisations own Learning Management Systems
  • Mass distribution for maximum impact
  • Hosting options available

The Connected Learning Suite (CLS)

What can the Connected Learning Suite (CLS) do for you?

The Connected Learning Suite (CLS)


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This e-learning module gives a general overview of pandemic preparation & response in the UK

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