Launch of New Guidance: The Good Practice to Working in Safety Advisory Groups

Launch of New Guidance: The Good Practice to Working in Safety Advisory Groups

Get your hands on the much anticipated Good Practice Guide to Working in Safety Advisory Groups. The definitive guide that offers sound safety advice to the events industry.


The guidance clearly sets out the role of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), defining how it should be set up as well as identifying who should attend, what events should be considered by a SAG and what an organiser can expect when attending. The guidance focuses on quality assurance of event safety plans and offering sound safety advice to organisers.

With the increase in the number, variety and complexity of public events, from street parties to festivals, many local authorities now convene advisory groups for other types of activities which fall outside the legal framework for certificated sports grounds. This document seeks to provide guidance which could be applied to both types of advisory groups, reflecting the distinctive roles and status of each.

 The Emergency Planning College has worked closely with partners in the entertainment and events industry and in government to ensure good practice in public safety is established and promoted through this guidance.
Key features

  • The Health and Safety Executive was consulted in the production of this guidance document.

  • Contains a chapter covering Safety Advisory Group constitutions which covers terms of reference, membership of the SAG, Chairing of the SAG, roles and responsibilities, policy to underpin procedures, event consideration, processes and meetings, and administration.

  • Other chapters cover options and limitations of the SAG and exceptional circumstances

  • Appendices contain a summary of the most relevant legislation, statutory responsibilities of members and examples of SAG good practice.

'This definitive guide supports those who are involved in safety advisory groups for a wide range of public events, whether in public or private sector. The Guide offers vital guidance and insight to ensure events are thoroughly great and safe for the public to enjoy.  This Guide is the first in a series and we are extremely grateful to our partners and those who contributed during the consultation process.' Bev Griffiths, Director of Event & Public Safety, EPC

‘It is important that everyone involved in delivering spectator events understands the roles, responsibilities and liabilities.’ Ruth Shaw, Chief Executive, Sports Grounds Safety Authority

‘We are delighted that Emergency Planning College consulted widely with the industry to produce this guidance which we believe will be of benefit, not only to the users but to the wider events industry.’ Steve Heap – General Secretary,  Association of Festival Organisers

'The fact that the EPC has worked closely with partners in the entertainment and events industry and in government reflects its commitment to be at the heart of the public safety and resilience community, encouraging debate and reflection where it is needed, and leading the way for practitionersy and policy makers in establishing and promoting good practice.' Dr Campbell McCafferty, Director, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office.


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