Calling all Safety Advisory Group Members


We are currently reviewing the UK Good Practice Guide to Working Safety Advisory Groups and need your support to ensure the revised guide truly reflects current practices, issues and concerns


This guidance was first published in December 2014, it was consulted on widely with industry and public services, all of whom inputted into the guidance. It is overdue for a review and we submit this questionnaire as part of the review project to implement an updated version.

This guidance is intended to form a single, core guidance document for Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs), their members, event organisers and others in the industry. It is also intended to act as a reference document that new or inexperienced event organisers might use in order to understand the structure, roles, responsibilities and expectations of a SAG.  

The guidance is not only a point of reference for all those with event safety roles; it has also been developed by using examples of good practice across the United Kingdom. Existing SAGs are encouraged to use it to confirm consistency with others, while those considering establishing a SAG can use it as a logical starting point. It has been written from the outset as a guide and seeks to assist and support those aiming to follow good practice; it is not intended to be prescriptive.

The purpose of a SAG, and certainly of this guidance, is to consider events in the context of their being essential to the communities of the UK. The SAG should examine the safety aspects of events so they can proceed in as safe a way as is reasonably practicable, ideally without compromising the public’s enjoyment of them.

We need your support to ensure this truly is the latest national guidance.

Please return response by March 30th 2018 to:   01347 825154.

Thank you for your time and commitment to this guidance in ensuring the National Guide fits a National Standard and Good practice for all to follow.

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